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What is LearnQIC

LearnQIC provides online courses, guides, and templates that help you to discover and use new applications and technologies. We use Group Knowledge (™) to convert successful experiences from multiple people into implementation focused learning classes. LearnQIC courses help students to understand options, how to implement them, typical results, and most contain sample resources such as guides, templates, and reference lists. A majority of the courses focus on business, marketing, and technology.

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We get our funds for running the school from ads in the courses (you can turn off for 99 cents/mo), from sponsors (for including their logo in the course) and from affiliate promotion partners.

What Makes LearnQIC Different

LearnQIC education journey starts with taking a course, adding & updating courses using successful experiences from multiple experts, and giving students access to guides & templates so they can implement the solutions they are looking for.

Implementation Focused Courses

Course topics and materials are developed to help you discover and do something. The topics are typically emerging technologies and applications which are not available from traditional schools.

Group Expert Course Development

Each course is created and continually updated by multiple experts – Group Knowledge(tm) – with successful recent experiences in the course topic. They share their processes, benchmarks, and tips.

LearnQIC Expert Course Contributors

Templates and Resources

Courses include guides, templates, task lists, and other resources that help you to implement your desired solutions.

Course Topics

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Publishing
  • Business

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