LearnQIC Frequency Asked Questions - FAQs

LearnQICs mission is to help people discover, learn, & implement applications and technologies. Our course development process involves using multiple experts to create and continually update courses – Group Knowledge(™). We are dedicated to providing access to courses at no cost (with ads) or at very low cost (ads removed). 

What Types of Courses Does LearnQIC Provide?

LearnQIC course topics include business, marketing, and technology. Course topics are selected which have immediate value, implementation focus, and include materials that help the student to quickly use and apply the course materials.

Who Creates LearnQIC Courses?

LearnQIC courses are created and continually updated by topic experts, staff, and contributors who have recent experience and skills related to the course topic. We call this Experience Intelligence(™) – EI. 

How Much do LearnQIC Courses Cost?

LearnQIC provides its courses for free (with ads) or for very low cost (no ads). We fund our course development and delivery services using a mix of advertising, low cost subscription option (to remove ads), sponsorships, affiliate programs, and other options to remove some or all of the tuition costs from the students.

Can a Person Submit a Course for Distribution on LearnQIC?

No. LearnQIC courses are created and continually updated by multiple people – Group Knowledge(™) so courses do not have a single author. 

What do LearnQIC Courses Include?

LearnQIC courses usually include reference materials (guides, templates, and sample documents) at no additional cost to the student.

What Is Needed to Access LearnQIC Online Courses?

Online courses are available as on demand courses through a web browser. This means most devices with a web browser (desktop, tablet, smartphone) can access LearnQIC courses.

Can LearnQIC Courses Be Presented Live

LearnQIC courses can be taught live (in person on as a web seminar) by certified instructors.

How Can People Earn Money Using LearnQIC Courses?

Certified instructors can present and charge students for LearnQIC courses and keep all of the money. We provide certified instructors with the latest versions of the course along with additional instructor notes and procedures. LearnQIC does offer some optional services such as low cost student materials (printed handouts) and event registration and management which may require some fees or revenue sharing.

Is LearnQIC an Accredited Institution?

LearnQIC is not accredited by traditional education institutions. Course materials are continually reviewed updated by certified instructors, expert contributors, and from student feedback and requests.

If you have any other questions about LearnQIC, you can contact us at support@LearnQIC.com