Book Marketing for Authors

Book Marketing for Authors

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This Book Marketing course helps you to learn book promotion options, processes, get media plans/templates, and see real examples and typical results. The course starts by helping you to gather competitive and audience information, develop a master book marketing plan and update sample task list so you can track your progress. This is followed by descriptions of traditional and new ways to earn revenue from book sales (wholesale, direct, branded partner) and other related options such as in book paid reference links, related product promotions, and contributed content sponsorships. Book distribution options are explained along with how to select and optimize how to sell your books online, direct, and through other channels. You will learn key media channels to create and use to publish search discoverable media that attract and motivate qualified book buyers. You will then learn 50+ effective marketing activities (campaigns) with step-by-step guides on how to implement them.

Learning Objectives:

  • 50+ Book Promotion Options
  • Typical Marketing Results
  • Templates and Steps

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