Become a LearnQIC certified instructor to get recognized as an expert, get publicity, and earn money from teaching courses. If you have been working in your field for 3-5 years, understand the course topic materials, can pass a certification exam, and are able to answer questions from other experts, certification can be a great way to get publicity, credibility, and earn money.

LearnQIC Course Presentation


– 3 to 5 years of topic experience
– Pass a written exam
– Complete verbal review with experts

Instructor Certification Cost

– $499 per course.
– Certification fee may be waived if instructor creates and contributes a course lesson.

Key Benefits

– Free Access to Course Materials & Instructor Guides
– Public Profile Listing in Directory with Links
– Publicity and Media Posts

Services (for small fees)

– Student Registration
– Branded Course Materials
– Location Management
– Course Promotion


– Must not Change Course Slides: you don’t need to agree with them and it is ok for you to add your own slides
– No Course Material Sales or Publishing: ok to show course materials, not ok to sell or publish