This is a list of marketing tips for the Book Pre-Launch Marketing Course & Book. These tips help authors, marketers, publishers, and others involved in book promotion to create promotional media and run book marketing campaigns.

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Book Business Card and Script – Create a book business card that includes book cover image, top 3 buying motivators, topic trigger words (on back), and attraction resources (motivate contact submission).

Get Photo and Media Contributors – Find press releases related to your book topic, contact the media people at the bottom of the press release, and ask them for photos and media content to use in our book. Public relations people are paid to help you.

Book Content Sponsorships – Offer to include content from people or companies inside your book in return for money or other value such as promotion messages. Setup guidelines to ensure the content is helpful to your book readers.

Book Crowdfunding Campaigns for Publicity – Setup a crowdfunding campaign for your book. Offer multiple rewards (gifts) including your book and media promotion options. A key benefit is that crowdfunding campaigns rapidly show up high in search engine results pages.

Book Pre-Release Buyer Interviews – Create an offer in the pre-release version of your book such as a free guide or resource to motivate people to register. Contact these people and do book buyer journey interviews to learn why and how they buy books like yours.

Book Dominant Buying Motivators (DBMs) – Identify book buying motivators from book buyer journey interviews. Review and identify the top 3 book DBMs and use them in promo materials, media posts, and in discussions with readers and fans.

Start Book Topic Online Groups – Create online groups that cover your book topic. Use your book title as part of the group name. 

Online Book Topic Discussion Group Post Seeding – Create 20+ high topic value discussion posts for your new group, over 1-2 months, invite influencers to join your discussion group and offer a ready to publish discussion for them to post. Offer that you and your marketing team will like and share the post (social value).

Book Blurb Exchanges – Contact authors of related books and offer to exchange book blurb endorsement comments. Review their book information before contacting them and find something to praise in the invite message you send.

Email List Access Bartering – Offer to provide access to your book buyer and reader contact list to share a value item (such as a free story, guide or template) in return for access to their contact list.

Book Pre-Release Version(s) with Downloadable Resources – Create a partial pre-release version of your book that includes value downloadable resources that allow you to capture contact information (list building).

Book Amazon Affiliate Link(s) – Setup an Amazon affiliate account and insert your book product page into your website, blog, and other media. This allows you to earn additional referral sales commissions on orders for your book and anything else the person buys on amazon after they click your affiliate link.

Get Sample Book Media Posts – Search like your readers and gather sample media posts for related books and content. Use these (popular ones) as a guide to create your book marketing media posts.

Media Post Templates – Create book media posts (Tweets, Blog Posts, Discussions, etc). Convert them to generic versions that can quickly be modified and published. Try variations and update your media post templates as you discover more effective versions.

Book Title Page Offer – Create an offer for a companion media resource on your book title page. Many online retailers like Amazon show the title page as a look inside book feature. This will get you website visitors even when people don’t buy your book.