Book Pre-Launch Marketing Plan Sample

A book pre-launch marketing plan is a dynamic document that contains objectives, book details, audiences, media channels, media items, key activities, and resources.

The book pre-launch marketing plan contents, creation, and updating is explained in:

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Book & Course

Objectives – the things that you want to achieve, that you can control, and which eventually leads to sales or other desired activities such as consulting assignments or speaking opportunities.

Audience Personas – identify your top 3-5 audience types; their interests, pain points, and media channels they trust. Do book buyer journey interviews to identify audience interests, priorities, and their dominant buying motivators (DBMs).

Media Descriptions – includes your book or product descriptions in varying lengths – 25 to 500 words. You need to have some media descriptions to share with people who will help you to create and pre-promote your book.

Media Resources – include links to your cover and other images, book brochure (sales sheet), and other media items. 

Media Channels – link to a list (a spreadsheet) of web pages, profiles, and services that describes, and includes a link to the places you can publish information about your book. These can include Twitter, blog, Pinterest, Youtube, and others. 

Media Post Templates – setup ready to edit media posts (templates) so you can speed up publishing and update these templates as you discover more effective versions.

Media Agents – create lists people (spreadsheet) who you use or can ask to publish information about your book or products. You can have multiple lists for different topics.

Budget – identifies the estimated revenues, allowances, authorizations, and other expenses.

To Download the Sample Plan:

You can download the marketing plan and other book marketing documents and media items in the Book Pre-Launch Marketing Resources lesson.

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