Pre-Content Marketing Benefits

Pre-Content Marketing Benefits

The key benefits for pre-content marketing are to get more qualified leads faster and at lower cost. Other benefits for pre-content marketing include marketing testing, lower marketing costs, better marketing materials, and more qualified leads.

Faster Marketing Results

Using pre-content marketing can start to generate sales leads in hours or days instead of weeks or months. 

Marketing Testing

Using pre-content marketing, it is possible to test many candidate marketing topics, see which ones work, and only create the ones that get interest (engagement activity) and submissions (content requests). 

Lower Marketing Costs

Pre-content marketing can identify which content is worthwhile to create and which topics are not likely to be effective. This means reducing the cost of advertising and time spent on unnecessary campaigns and getting better results on successful campaigns.

Better Marketing Content

Pre-content marketing enables you to make your content marketing materials better by using visitor engagement data (link topic clicks) and feedback from content requesters that you interview.

More Qualified Leads

You can create multiple promotional media posts for future content that are focused on specific challenges and topics. These targeted – focused messages – attract contacts and sales leads with more specific interests results. The more qualified sales leads are people who are actively searching for your solutions or information. 

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