Key Book Pre-Launch Marketing Campaigns

Key Book Pre-Launch Marketing Campaigns

Book Pre-Launch Marketing campaigns create awareness, influence, and build connections with influencers, experts, and book buyers. Some of the Top Book Launch marketing options include:

Book Buyer Interviews-Find and talk to candidate book readers to discover key topics, activities, & media channels for more effective promotion.

Book Profile Pages-Setup 10+ book social profile pages (besides Facebook) & easy ways to update them.

Book Contributors-Get information, photos, & other media to improve book content, make new influencer connections, and develop credibility.

List Marketing- Gather contacts, developing profiles, and sharing requests & offers to your connections.

Book Marketing Tribes-Find, invite, and work with people who are willing and able to promote your book.

Online Discussion Groups-Write discoverable group discussion topics & where to publish.

Book Blog-Setup and run a book blog, what to post, & ways to motivate readers to take actions.

Book Crowdfunding Campaign (money + publicity!)-Setup and run book crowdfunding campaigns (e.g. Kickstarter) and what to offer.

Book Pre-Launch Sponsorships-Obtaining money or value from sponsors for including media and/or links inside a book that provides readers with helpful information.

Book Acknowledgements-Listing people in the book acknowledgement section to get credibility, book reviews, and influencer promotion.

Book Media Press Kit-Setup and share a folder of images & information about your book for the media.

Book Image & Video Promotion-Ways to create images & videos branded with your book, key types of images, & where to publish and share them.