Book Sponsorship Agreement Sample

Book Sponsorship Agreement Sample

A book sponsorship agreement defines the terms, requirements, and compensation for including sponsor media in a book or in its promotional media.

Sponsorship Options – the sponsor may get their content in the book (content sponsor), references, logos, and links in book media posts (media sponsor), or receive contact information when a person receives a book paid for by the sponsor (registration sponsor).

Content Sponsor – Sponsor can include an image (screen shot), logo, text, or other content included in the book material. 

Media Sponsor – Sponsor can be mentioned as a sponsor (logo and link) in book media blog posts, tweets, images, and/or videos that you publish for your book.

Registration Sponsorship – Sponsor receives customer contact information when they provide the book for free. 

Content Rules – Guidelines for content which usually includes conforming to regulations (legal content), use of copyright, brands, and trademarks, and other content restrictions.

Content Timing – When the materials for the sponsorship need to be provided and which formats are acceptable (text, graphic image, other).

Sponsorship Fees or Value – Can be a mix of a fixed amount for content insertion (setup fee), a fee for each value provided such as sponsored media posts or books given away paid for by a sponsor. Sponsors can also provide barter or some other value instead or in combination with a sponsorship fee.

Termination and Penalties – The situations that determine that the agreement can be terminated such as failure to supply the sponsor content in time, failure of payment for sponsorship fulfillment, and other causes.

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