Book Pre-Launch Marketing Resources

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Resources

Authors can save time and be more effective by using successful guides, templates, procedures, lists of tools & services, and other resources. The Book Pre-Launch Marketing course and book includes access to the documents which are provided and continually updated by successful authors, publishers, and promoters.

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Guides – includes procedures and instructions on how to do campaigns, projects, and tasks. Start with a sample procedure, adapt it for your own file naming, storage locations, and tools, and continually update your procedures as you discover better ways to do them.

Templates – get ready to edit media files and layout guides to help you to create promotional materials. Continually review media items such as press releases, images, videos to discover new media format options. Create new templates, test them, and gradually update and replace your old templates with new more effective ones.

Resources – get sample documents, lists of tools & services, and other helpful media. These include marketing plans, task lists, media campaigns, and other management and production materials.

Success Examples – review success stories, case studies, and review their solutions. Determine which examples are likely to achieve your objectives (book fans, speaking invites, new projects, etc). Try multiple options that match your skills, personality, and resources.