Book Pre-Launch Marketing Product Web Page

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Product Web Page

Book product web page a website or a web page that the author or publisher directly controls which includes book information, credibility evidence (reviews, testimonials), and motivational media that encourages visitors to submit their contact information (list building).

Web URL – a web address you own and includes the book title, book category, or other keywords. Important that this is a page that you control without restrictions (not a social media page). Can be a product page on an eCommerce website you control such as Shopify. Use for awareness, publicity, authority, lead capture, and book sales generator.  

Book Media – book cover, title, description, key buying motivators, ***

enticing from reader’s perspective. What key solutions or exciting topics does it provide.

Sample Content – table of contents, chapter, and/or other information that the person can view before buying your book.

Contact Form – provide a value offer that encourages a person to submit their contact information to your list. 

Book Purchase Options – easy options to buy and pay. May be an Amazon product item inserted into your page, a paypal order button, or a button to add to a shopping cart you have on your website.

Reviews & Testimonials – helpful book comments and their source.