Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Files

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Files

Books and their promotional media files include photos, images, logos, press releases, a sales sheet, and others. It is helpful to create and use medial file templates to save time and increase the effectiveness. 

Media Files – photos, images, and other media items that are associated with your book.

Media Formats – each media item can have multiples sizes, resolutions, and digital file formats (jpg, png, tif, etc). Indexes of media files should make it easy to get the file with the desired format.

Storing & Naming – media file names should use a structure that combines project codes and phrases that allow you to easily find and group documents.

Media Item Lists – index of files that include name, description, category, type, and link to media items. Example – logo list can include a list of square, horizontal, vertical logo images with different sizes and resolutions.

Media Templates – sizes and ready to edit media. Example is a photo file that includes the book logo and web address. This makes it easy to create branded