Book Pre-Launch Marketing Dominant Buying Motivators – DBMs

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Dominant Buying Motivators – DBMs

Dominant buying motivators (DBMs) are the top reasons that most of your qualified readers will want or benefit from your book. You can use your DBMs in your media and in conversations to rapidly build interest with qualified readers. 

Top 3 Buying Reasons – The top buying motivators for your most qualified readers. If they don’t have an interest in your DBMs, they probably are the wrong people for buying your book.

Use in Media & Conversations  – Use your DBMs in your media (descriptions, brochures, ads) and mention DBMs in your conversations. 

Qualified Reader Interviews – Reader interviews (also called buyer journey interviews) are 30-60 minute conversations with people who have an interest in your book topic. Talk to 20+ qualified readers from 3+ key reader types (personas) and ask them to share the reasons they find your book topic important. 

Buying Motivator List – Build a list of buying motivators (book benefits) that you discover from your reader interviews. Do not show your book benefits list until after you have gotten background and interest information from your interviewee to avoid biasing your interviewee.

Priority Ratings – Ask your qualified reader interviewees to prioritize the importance of each of the book benefits (buying motivators). Keep these lists so you can compare them.

Top Priorities for Most – Review your book motivator (benefits) lists with priorities and find the top 3 that most of your interviewees had a high priority. These are your dominant buying motivators.

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