Book Pre-Launch Marketing Bestseller Status

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Bestseller Status

To get #1 Best Seller Status on Amazon during launch (it is easier than you think), you need to pick the right book categories, get influencers to mention your book, do pre-sales promotion, offer a book launch bonus, and test and optimize book advertising. 

Category Selection – select book categories which have relatively low sales for your book topic.

Influencer Marketing – get book contributors and influencers who are willing to mention, comment, and share information about your book to their followers.

Pre-Sales List – start to do promotion weeks or months before your book and develop a pre-sales list.

Book Launch Bonus – create an incentive such as a guide or an exciting story that is given to book purchasers during launch release.

Advertising – review sample ads for similar bestselling books, setup pre-order on Amazon, run and optimize test campaigns, and increase advertising budget during book release.