Book Pre-Launch Marketing Author and Book Profile Pages

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Author and Book Profile Pages

Creating or claiming your author profile pages on book directories and review sites such as Bookbub can be a great way to develop online awareness, credibility, and share information and updates about your book.

Book Directory and Review Sites – list books and allow people to discover and post feedback and reviews about the books.

Author Profile – are a summary of the author skills, interests, and their books. Some online stores automatically create author profile pages (such as Amazon Central) that need to be claimed by authors. After the author has claimed and verified their profile, the author can add descriptions, images, and other information related to their books.

Book Profile Pages – add your book to a book directory and review sites including Bookbub, Kobo, and others.

Advance Review Copies (ARCs) – give advance copies of your book to reviewers before it is released.