Author Book Pre-Launch Marketing Benefits

Author Book Pre-Launch Marketing Benefits

Book authors can do pre-launch marketing to earn book pre-sales and other money, rapidly get publicity and credibility, find and insert additional media to into their book, make new connections with experts and book buyers, get review feedback for book updating, and use lists and other media to achieve #1 best seller status on Amazon and other retailers.

Pre-Sales Money – book sales, sponsorships, and sales of related products and services.

Rapid Publicity & Credibility – quickly become discoverable on search engines and other media channels for the book topic, keywords, and phrases.

Additional Book Media – get more photos, content, and success examples (applications & case studies) to include in the book. Include guides and lists as appendixes.

New Connections – make new contacts and relationships with book readers and experts who become part of your pre-launch marketing activities. Some (possibly many) will come to you because you appear as an expert on multiple media channels.

Book Feedback – get feedback on topics and sections of your book by talking to some of your new connections making your book content and readability better.

#1 Best Seller Status – develop a pre-sales list, focus on a specific category, and get #1 sales status on Amazon or other retail channels with a relatively small number of book sales.