Episode 101 – This session covers how the book marketing process starts by setting up planning and management documents, identifying and tracking key marketing tasks, which media channels to use, what media content to send and who will publish and manage them. Marketing projects (campaigns) are setup for certain types of marketing activities such as advertising, email marketing, or social media. Measurement tools and services are then setup to monitor progress to allow continual improvement to marketing campaigns and activities.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What Documents are Needed for Book Marketing?
  • How to Manage Book Marketing Activities?
  • Important Media Channels to Reach Potential Buyers?
  • Who Creates and Publishes Media Posts?
  • How to Get 20+ Marketing Tribe Members to Help You?
  • Key Types of Book Marketing Projects (Campaigns)?
  • How to Create and Use Marketing Procedures?
  • Ways to Measure and Improve Book Marketing Activities?