This is a list of procedure guides for the Book Pre-Launch Marketing Course & Book. These guides help authors, marketers, publishers, and others involved in book promotion to create promotional media and run book marketing campaigns.

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Book Media Channels – Steps to find and setup 10+ key media accounts and profiles (Blog, Facebook, Reddit, etc) for sending and sharing book promotion messages.

Book Brochure Creation Guide – Instruction on how to edit a one page brochure (template provided) that helps people and distributors to understand the book value and how they buy it.

Book Buyer Interview Guide – How to find and talk to candidate book readers to discover key topics, activities, & media channels for more effective promotion.

Book Blog Guide – How to setup a book blog, effective blog post types, and how to create and publish on your blog. 

Pre-Release Book Creation Guide – Steps and resources to create a partial version of a book for pre-sales orders (purchase incentives) and key motivational resources to include.

Book Sponsorship Sales Guide – Instructions on how to offer and sell content and registration sponsorships before releasing your book.

Book Crowdfunding Guide – Steps to setup and run book crowdfunding campaigns for publicity, book pre-sales, and to get other money.

Contribution and Use Permission Forms – Sample agreement document which provides written verification to use contributed photos and materials in your book.

Online Book Retailer Pre-Order Setup Guide – Steps to setup a book for presales on Amazon and other online bookstores.

Book Media Contributors Guide – How to find and get people to provide photos and media to use in your book.

#1 Amazon Best Seller Status Guide – Steps to pick the right book categories, get influencers to mention your book, pre-sales promotion, book launch bonus, and book advertising testing & optimization.