Pre-Content Marketing Course

Pre-Content Marketing Course

This pre-content marketing course teaches you how to setup and run content marketing projects before creating the content. Content marketing can be complicated, take time, and be expensive. A good solution is to create summary alert pages for unpublished media which allows you to gather leads before creating the content. This allows you to test content marketing topics, avoid spending money or time to develop content that isn’t effective, and to use the immediately followup to content requests to create better content. 

This course will help you to identify discoverable and effective solution topics to
– identify and describe solution topics
– setup alert pages to capture requests for future content
– ways to immediately followup with content requests
– how to create better marketing content using feedback requests

Course Contents:

Pre Content Marketing Process – Explains how pre content marketing can use unpublished content to get sales leads faster, build better customer relationships, and help to create better marketing materials.

Solution Topics and Descriptions – Understand how to identify key solution content topics, create discoverable titles, and develop effective descriptions.

Alert Request Pages – How to setup a web page that describes soon to be published content which encourages and allows people to register to be alerted when it is released.

Pre Content Promotion – Key ways to promote unpublished content including social media, email, and advertising.

Contact Followup – How to immediately followup with alert registration requests and key ways to begin providing prospect customer value.

Content Creation and Release – How to use content request feedback to create better and more targeted marketing materials.

Pre-Content Marketing Resources – Includes sample plans, guides, templates, scripts, and other ready to edit materials to help you setup your pre-content marketing projects faster and achieve better success.

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