Social Media Marketing for Business Managers

Social Media Marketing for Business Managers

This course is for business owners, managers, staff, and marketing consultants who want to use and improve social media marketing activities. Ineffective or outdated social media marketing activities can waste time, finding and managing staff and contractors can be complicated, and if social media communication is done incorrectly, it can create backlash and negative sentiment. 

Learn from successful processes, tactics, and templates gathered from 100+ social media experts, media agencies, marketing consultants. This course is continually updated with new and effective social media marketing tips, processes, and resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand 30+ Key Ways to use Social Media to Promote Business
  • Create Social Media Marketing Materials (samples provided)
  • How to Create Social Media Posts (templates provided)
  • How to Find and Use Marketing Tribes for Your Social Media Marketing (team)

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