Pre-Launch Marketing Book Descriptions

Pre-Launch Marketing Book Descriptions

Book descriptions should match and motivate qualified readers to want to learn more about the benefits and value your book can offer them. Your description should share what your book can do for your readers and not be a summary version of your book.

Problem Statement – the first sentence is the main problem or topic interest that the desired audience has. Target audiences will relate to the problem statement or story adventure and will want to read more.

Shocking Factoid -the second sentence should be an unknown and surprising information value that helps to define or assist in solving the problem or an exciting insight. 

Pain Points – one or more sentences should identify and amplify the unwanted or difficulties or challenges the key problem or plot causes. This builds the reader’s emotional state.

Solution Promise – last sentence of the first paragraph explains how the content or solution will help or inspire the reader.

Multiple Lengths – create versions of your book in 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and long format.