Key Book Pre-Launch Marketing Images

Key Book Pre-Launch Marketing Images

There are key images and photos that can help book pre-launch marketing. It is helpful to have a spreadsheet list of image graphics that allows easy organizing, finding, and copying of images for use. Some images such as the cover art can be adapted and used to create other media such as logos, banners, book brochures, book business cards, and others. 

Image List Spreadsheet – spreadsheet of book images, name, short description, original editable file, image file, and multiple versions.

Image Templates – use successful image, slide, and photo templates to save time, make your media look more professional, and increase the success of your book media.

Cover Images – full front cover, front, back. Have large and small (thumbnail) image formats (jpg) and pdf versions.

Interior Images – can be used as sample book content. Add your book logo and web address to interior images that you publish.

Logo and Banner Images – sponsor logos, The book cover can be converted into a book logo and banners by removing the cover text and some of the graphic elements.

Brochures and Ad Images – a 1 page book brochure (also called a sales sheet), book business card, graphic ads, and other media items.

Slide Images – create a version of your book in slide presentation format. Slide titles should be discoverable (topic keywords), bullets, and include an attention getting topic benefits image. Include a link at the bottom of the slide image where people can get more information about the slide topic.

Author and Event Photos – gather photos of authors, contributors, and event activities. Add your book logo images and a book or website URL in the photos.

To get a sample book pre-launch marketing image list and media templates, go to: