Book Sponsorship Agreement Sample

Book Sponsorship Agreement Sample

A book sponsorship agreement defines what sponsored content is included in a book and/or its associated promotional media, when and how it will be published, and the fees or value the sponsor provides. It defines the content submission rules, where in the book and promotional media it will be included, how the sponsor will review and approve of the content, and the ways and time periods that sponsorship activity information will be reported. 

Book Sponsor Agreements Can Include: 

Book Description – book topic, key audience types, and publishing formats. 

Sponsored Content – rules and restricted topics for sponsored material, verification of content ownership, & rights to use brands. 

Book Content – what will be inserted into the book, where will it located, formats 

Media Content – what related media (web pages, blog posts, etc) will include sponsor information and links that may be included.

Sponsorship Fees – the setup fees, sponsorship cost, term, barter media, or other value the sponsor provides.

Review and Approval – what will be provided for verification, required approval time, default approval.

Activity Reporting – for activity related sponsorships (e.g. registration sponsorship with free book download) such as number of views, engagement link clicks, and download contact information.

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