Book Promotion and Online Discussion Groups

Book Promotion and Online Discussion Groups

Online discussion groups are good places to discover key book related topics, find and connect with experts and key influencers, and publish information that helps people to discover and purchase your book.

Discussion Topics & Keywords – join several book topic related discussion groups, learn key topics, words, and phrases members use and respond to.

Group Ownership – setup and run your own group after you have monitored and engaged with other groups. By owning a group, you will think like an owner which will help you to understand what is acceptable to publish and contribute to the group. Group ownership on Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, and other discussion platforms is usually free. 

Group Building – build your group in 3 key phases; first, get 50+ people to join so that potential new members see that there are people in the group. In phase 2, get 50+ more members that are qualified and give them ready to publish posts that cover key topics. This will help potential new members to see valuable activity. Next, recruit and invite qualified members and help them to publish valuable posts in your group.

Group Moderation – monitor the discussions and comments in your group to determine if they are acceptable for group value. If someone posts something off topic or is doing self-promotion, quickly remove the post, contact the contributor, let them know the topic requirements, and ask them to resubmit the post that fit your groups topic requirements.

Indirect Book Promotion – include references to book resources and make references to the book on those pages.