Book Pre-Launch Sponsorships Guide

Book Pre-Launch Sponsorships Guide

Authors and publishers can earn money and improve their books and media with content from book sponsors before publishing. Companies want to do book sponsorships to get publicity, credibility, sales leads, and influence. 

Book Sponsorship Benefits – publicity (search discovery), credibility (authority), high value content links (search engine value), sales leads (qualified & interested), and influence (content value).

Book Sponsorship Options – include logo on cover, photo and/or content inserts into book, references in book to additional media media (links from book), sponsor web profile pages, sponsored book media posts (blog posts, Tweets, images, videos, etc), web links that improve search value, and other benefits. 

Book Sponsorship Process – create a sponsor candidate list (use spreadsheet for tracking), send book media use request (to candidate sponsor company media communication person), sponsorship option offer, select sponsor options, book sponsor agreement, gather and process sponsor content, review & approval, send sample books, create sponsor web profile and sponsored media posts.

Book Sponsorship Fees & Bartering Value – the sponsoring company may pay money for including content in the book, to process the content that is put in the book (setup fee), and/or provide other value for being a sponsor – bartering. 

Book Sponsor Company List  – make a list of companies and people that have an interest in your book topic and content they may want to share. Start with some easy ones which you offer free sponsorship if they give you some media value (blog posts, etc). Having some initial sponsors will build your confidence to get more and will motivate candidates to respond more quickly when they see the available sponsorship options are becoming limited. 

Book Sponsor Communication – create sample messages from first contact invite to sponsored media post links. Copy and customize these messages as you ***. Each message you send to the candidate sponsor should add another surprising value.

Book Sponsor Project Management – create a master list of tasks (a spreadsheet) for a sponsor that would do all book sponsorship options. When you get a new sponsor, copy and update the list to track all the tasks necessary to do a book sponsor project; agreement, design, insertion, approval, book sample, and other tasks.

Book Sponsor Program Overview – create a 1 page book sponsorship sheet which identifies the key benefits, process, timeline, and costs/barter for your book sponsorship. Your book sponsorship program can have content rules and limits on sponsorship options.