Book Pre-Launch Marketing Video Promotion

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Video Promotion

Book content and related information can be converted into short videos to attract and motivate book buyers and readers. Book videos should include searchable titles, engaging descriptions, and links to your book and related services. Simple videos can be quickly created using simple images (fade in/out) and moving text that allows viewers to get value with or without audio. Video clips can be grouped into channels that cover specific book related topics. Messages, icons, and links can be added (overlayed) to your video allowing them to be seen and used when people share them (legally or unauthorized). Create short descriptions for each video along with a link where they can get additional information and/or buy the book.

Video Types – book summary, how-to videos, videos related to book, interviews.

Video Titles – use keywords that are discoverable and motivational.

Video Descriptions – provide value and develop interest. Include buying motivator topics if possible.

Video Destination URLs – where video viewers should go. Setup short links to destination URL and insert into videos. Video sharing sites may hide or make destination web addresses unreadable. 

Video Sharing Platforms – Youtube, Vimeo, and others. Good to group video clips together into channels that relate to specific topic.

Video Production – use tools such as editing to create images with your brand, messages, and links. 

Animated Slide Videos – convert your summary and other book presentations into videos using Powerpoint or another slide to video converter tool.