Book Pre-Launch Marketing Tips and Recommendations

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Tips and Recommendations

While doing your research and having discussions with experts, create and continually add to a list of tips and suggestions you discover that your readers are likely to find helpful. You can use these tips in our marketing materials, in conversations you have with readers, and in messages you share with your audience and influencers.

Tips Scratch File – create a word processor document (e.g. a Google Doc) that you can add tip concepts as you discover them.

Tips Gathering – discover tips by listening to podcasts, talking with experts, reviewing case studies, or any other places.

Tip Sharing – discuss or share your tips with people when you hear them discuss a challenge they are having which your tip can help them with. It is better to share tips one at a time when possible to ensure the maximum perceived value for each tip.

Tip Message Templates – create ready to share tip messages that explain the tip, it’s benefits, and and example if possible. Gradually update and improve your sample tip messages over time.