Book Pre-Launch Marketing Sponsorships

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Sponsorships

Authors and publishers can get companies and people to pay or provide value for including content and links inside a book and/or in media posts that provides access to related helpful information which can be sponsored by companies. This is similar to product placements in movies such as the agreement to use Reece’s Pieces in the movie ET. The sponsor pays or provides some value to include mentions, references, and links in the book and related media. The value provided by the sponsor may include a sponsorship fee, promotional activities, or a mix of other value items that the sponsor provides in return for the publicity, credibility, and lead generation. 

Sponsorship Types – can include sample plans, guides, templates, or other helpful information.

In Book Media – content sponsor – pays to include an image (screen shot), logo, text, or other content included in the book material.

In Book Links – some useful resource, tip, or other valuable information mentioned in the book at the appropriate time.

Media Posts – The sponsor may also receive publicity in blog posts, tweets, images, and/or videos that mention the resource which can include links to the sponsor company or product.

Contact Sponsorship – Pays to provide the book for free in return for receiving the recipient (purchaser) contact information.

Content Rules – media and reference materials must be relevant to the book section topic, provide helpful information, and may not be changed during the agreement without approval.