Book Pre-Launch Marketing Social Profile Pages

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Social Profile Pages

A book can have multiple social profile pages (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube) to create an online awareness, develop influence, and get social engagement increasing credibility and discoverability. 

Creating multiple social profile accounts (pages) for your book on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and other social networks can be highly effective at reaching more people and getting listed multiple times in search results pages. You can setup 20+ profile pages ranging from Twitter messaging to Youtube videos. You should at least own many social media channels with your name to prevent someone else from owning it and publishing things that are not good. 

Book Social Profile Pages-Setup 10+ book social profile pages (besides Facebook) & easy ways to update them. 

Book Topic Discovery – social profiles and media posts come up when searching for related words and phrases.

Profile Name Ownership – It is important to register, own, and setup social profile pages even if you do not regularly (or ever) post to them.

On Platform Media – can be displayed on social networks without leaving the platform. Social networks and people on them like to stay on platform. It is helpful to convert and publish some of your media posts on social platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, etc).

Social Engagement Signals – search engines and platforms use social engagements (likes, comments, shares) to determine when and where to show search results and social posts.