Book Pre-Launch Marketing References and Resources

Book Pre-Launch Marketing References and Resources

While doing your book research, create and continually add to a list (a spreadsheet) of useful and helpful resources you create (templates) and ones you find. These include guides, white papers, tools, services, and other helpful media that can be included as links in promotional messages for your book. You can create marketing media posts and include links to resources for your book readers.

Implementation Topics – identify resource names, short descriptions, links to the resources, and create categories that help you to find related resources.

Lists of Tools and Services – create lists of key products, services, companies, and other items that can help your readers. List seekers are highly motivated to get information or stories related to their search.

Samples and Templates – link to or create new versions of documents, guides, media templates, and other media items.

Examples and Benchmarks – gather examples and data related to your topics and include credibility references for where they came from.

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