Book Pre-Launch Marketing Process Diagram

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Process Diagram

Book Pre-Launch marketing is tasks, activities, and procedures that authors and other people can do to promote a future book.

Book Pre-Launch Management – it is helpful to organize your book pre-launch activities by creating a plan, task list, contact list, and other documents. I run my marketing programs primarily using shareable Google docs.

Research – find and review similar books, courses, and topic materials, do buyer journey interviews with the top types of qualified book buyers, and identify the key buying and reader motivators.

Promotional Media – Create descriptions, images, and media items and profiles that can be discovered or shared with potential reviewers, contributors, and buyers.

Media Channels – setup profiles or services that allow you to be discovered by or reach and influence potential customers. These can be media channels that you own or control (your website, blog), media channels you run (Facebook pages, Youtube channel), or service or groups that you contribute to (discussion groups).

Media Posts – publish messages that contain discoverable and motivational content. Each media post should have a main purpose and encourage or provide some call to action. You can save a lot of time and increase effectiveness of media posts by finding and adapting successful media post examples and creating templates for you to use many times.

Marketing Tribes – setting up groups of people who will help you to promote your book by liking, commenting, and sharing media posts about your book. You can have multiple marketing tribe groups on different topics. 

Marketing Campaigns – do sets of activities related to a marketing message, media channels, and media posts to use. An example of a marketing campaign is to co-promote your book with another author who has a book of a similar topic or type.