Book Pre-Launch Marketing Pre-Release Versions

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Pre-Release Versions

Book pre-release versions (partial or draft versions) of a book can be included as an immediate delivery incentive that motivates book pre-sales. The pre-release version can contain links to additional resources and information that motivates the buyer to go to websites and register for additional information (list building).

Pre-Purchase Motivator – upload to online retail stores such as Amazon as an immediate item pre-purchasers receive.

Pre-Release Notice – include a big statement in the beginning of the document that this is a pre-release (not final) version of your book. 

Table of Contents – include a full or summarized full version of your table of contents so the reader can learn what they will receive in the future.

Sample Chapter(s) – include sample chapter(s) that contain valuable information.

Special Offers – book brochure, companion materials (e.g. guides, lists, etc), or other incentives and links where the reader can go to get the content.