Book Pre-Launch Marketing Online Retail Pre-Orders

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Online Retail Pre-Orders

Books in development can be listed for pre-order sales on retail sites such as Amazon and other online stores. Making books available for pre-orders can be a great way to develop awareness, get credibility, and make new connection contacts for reviewers. Listing a book as available for pre-order can help to motivate the author to complete the book.

Book Retail URL(s) – after the book has been setup for pre-orders, the online retailer will publish a web page providing a URL you can use to promote the book. Having an Amazon or other online retailer book URL provides credibility (the book is real) and a simple way to share future book information.

Cover – have a cover that gets attention, develops interest, and provides credibility. It is possible to start with a basic cover which can be changed until a few days before the scheduled release.

Description – start with a key interest, develop an understanding why the book is important, and provide a book benefit promise. Include key book topic search words and phrases in the description. 

Categories – find similar books, look at their categories, and pick at least one category that is related to the book topic but does not have much competition. Picking a category with a limited number of competing books increases the likelihood that the book will achieve #1 best seller status for that category when it is launched. 

Future Release Date – pick a future publication date that is realistic. The penalty for missing a future publication date can range from not being allowed to setup future book pre-orders to delisting your book.

Pre-Release Version – provide a partial version of your book that can be immediately downloaded. Include offers and information in your book that motivates pre-sale book buyers to share their contact information with you – list building.