Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Posts

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Posts

Media posts are the communication messages (text, images, and/or videos) that are published on media channels. Effective media posts can be created quickly using templates. You can also use simple processes to convert messages into other media post formats (repackaging) allowing you to reach more people (bigger reach) through multiple media channels.  

Media Post Types – announcements, information, resource list, or other types. The type of media post determines the amount of buying intent a reader has. 

Media Post Content Sources – from other posts (curated), from existing materials (repurposed), or from interviews or other new sources (original content). In general, curated content has low value.

Media Post Templates – generic versions of media post types that are ready to customize. Create original media posts, make generic template versions, and continually update as better versions are discovered.

Media Post Publishing – scheduling, tracking, media agents