Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Channels

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Channels

Media channels are any service or media platform that can share messages between promoters and audiences. Media channels may be used to send (push) messages or they can be discoverable (pull).  Authors and publishers can own or manage book marketing media channels that send or share information with readers. 

Many book marketing media channels have no cost for publishing and distribution (such as Twitter messaging, blogs, discussion groups, image and video sharing). One of the main benefits of publishing on media channels is discovery, influence, and navigation to your book promotional media. 

Media Channel Purpose – Each media channel should have objectives, scope, and communication strategy (frequency, post types). The focus of the channel should match the types of people who use it, what content they expect, and how often they interact with it.

Media Channel Types – Media channels can be owned (completely controlled), managed (moderated), or contributed (media sharing). one-way (broadcast), unicast (direct), two-way (social), or response (submission and monitoring). 

Media Channel Setup – identify available media channels, register name and URL, and configure media channels control and publishing. 

Media Channel Management – identify the media channel message topics, content sources, and how often you should publish to the media channel. There may be multiple people who can publish to the channel (staff, contractors, etc).