Book Pre-Launch Marketing Management

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Management

The Book Pre-Launch Marketing management is the coordination of process, media, and activities authors do to promote, engage, and pre-sell their books. Book pre-launch marketing starts by setting up planning and management documents, editing and prioritizing marketing tasks, and the creation of your pre-launch promotional materials.

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Documents – Important documents include a marketing plan (master reference), task list(s), contact list(s), procedures, and media items & templates.

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Plan – includes objectives, activities, and links to reference resources that are continually updated.

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Tasks – a list of activities, priorities, and responsibilities related to marketing. A master task list may include links to lists of activities for specific marketing project campaigns.

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Contacts – can be spreadsheets that contain a list of staff, contractors, media agents, reveiers, sample book recipients, and other people.

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Procedures – step by step instructions that can be easily discovered and continually updated. 

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Media Items & Templates – book cover, author photos, logos, sample images, and templates that can be customized to produce new media items.