Book Pre-Launch Marketing List Management

Book Pre-Launch Marketing List Management

Book list marketing is the gathering of contacts, developing profiles & relationships, and sharing information, requests, and offers to your connections. 

List Building – multiple ways to attract, motivate, and capture contact information. This includes offering sample books, companion content, contests, and any other incentive that attracts and motivates qualified readers to submit to join your list.

List Management – a service such as Mailchimp that allows you to store, organize, and send messages to a list of contacts. Email management services help you to create email messages and target specific people in your lists.

Contact Profiles – gradually gather information and update about contact profiles. 

Messaging Campaigns – Email campaigns are the sending of messages with a specific purpose to selected groups of people. The email subject line should motivate qualified recipients to open the email and the email message should provide value related to the subject line (the solution promise).

List Bartering – You can rapidly multiply the number of people in your list by 4x-10x by partnering with people and companies that have lists with the same types of audiences. Your email list barter partner can send their audience value messages from you that motivate some of their audiences to visit your website and submit to be added to your list.