Book Pre-Launch Marketing Draft Press Release

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Draft Press Release

Book press releases share your book information with the media (magazines, shows, etc), show up in book topic search results, and provide credibility for your book (it must be good if it has a press release). 

A press release should be one of the first things you create when developing your book. Your defines the reason why your book will help readers. While your press release is likely to change during your book development, having a draft press release will allow you to more easily share your book topic and purpose with people you want to help you.

Press Release Types – can be created for media (to insert into newspapers, magazines and other media) and consumer (for potential book buyers to discover which include influential buying messages). 

Press Release Topics – book release, book events, book related collaboration projects, and other news worth activities.

Press Release Content – title, news statement, press release description, contact information, and additional media (logo, book cover image, related photos).

Direct Press Release Distribution – newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, magazines

Press Newswires – free, PRWeb, BusinessWire, and others.