Book Pre-Launch Marketing Crowdfunding Promotion

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Crowdfunding Promotion

Book crowdfunding campaigns are online financial contribution projects that allow people to donate or order rewards to help fundraising for a book related project. In addition to getting money for a book project, crowdfunding projects can be a great way to develop awareness, sell books, and generate leads. You can do crowdfunding campaigns before, during, and after your book is released. Crowdfunding campaigns can be setup and run on platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others. 

Crowdfunding campaigns tend to get listed high in search engine results during and long after your campaign is over. This provides publicity and may allow you to earn money while promoting your book and related services. 

The type of crowdfunding platform can dramatically determine how much money you get (the percentage they key), how willing people are to contribute, and the amount of risk you take if your campaign is not successful.

Crowdfunding Benefits – money, publicity, and contacts.

Crowdfunding Types – community funding projects can fixed campaigns (must hit target) or flexible campaigns (keep money even if you miss your goal). 

Campaign Description – what is your project, why is it important to contributors, and what they get for contributing.

Rewards List – can range from a thank you message on your book website (e.g. $5) to a book authoring project ($5,000+).

Invite List – people you will send a contribution request message to. Important to get lots of people to contribute in the first 1-2 days so your project will get shown to more people on the contribution platform.

Inviting – how you invite your friends and associates to contribute. Be prepared to ask 2 to 3 times even for a small contribution.