Book Pre-Launch Marketing Cover Design

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Cover Design

A good book cover gets a reader’s attention, develops interest, and provides credibility that the book can help the reader with their challenges or interests. 

Attention – put your cover next to 20 others and your cover should stand out (pop) within a few seconds. This is typically from colors, shapes, and icons.

Interest – in less than 10 sections, potential customers should discover and develop interest in key topics covered in the book. Include icons or key interest topics (trigger words).

Conviction – include information about why the book is likely to to help or provide value to the reader. This can be icons, book blurbs from respected people, or other credibility building images or references.

Desire – motivate immediate action. Focus the cover image on what the reader will discover or benefit from.

Creation – cover development options include stock photos, design contests, artist development, and others. The creation process should include reviews (polling) from the target audience.