Book Pre-Launch Marketing Course Developers

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Course Developers

The book pre-marketing course was initially created by Lawrence Harte and Drew Becker with contributions of tips, guides, and materials from 50 additional authors and book marketers.This course is continually updated by people who share their successes, tips, and templates. 

Lawrence Harte – is a tech media expert, book & magazine publisher, and author of 118+ books as of 2020. He has sold 310,000+ books worldwide and has setup and tested 100+ ways to promote and sell books ranging from traditional book distribution to customized branded books.  He has run specialty retail bookstores at 90+ trade shows and conferences worldwide. As a magazine publisher and conference organizer, he has promoted books to email and mailing lists. He has developed creative ways to earn revenue from books including selling reference resource links inside the books, creating company and event branded versions, licensed eBook versions, and others.

Drew Becker – is a multi-book author, book coach, branding, and Book Pre-Launch Marketing expert. He is the founder and president of Realization Press, a book author consulting, publishing, media production, and marketing services company. Drew is the cofounder and runs the Carolina Book & Writer Conference (formerly the Triangle Book & Writer Conference). He speaks at many writing, publishing, and marketing events including Wake Tech Community College, The Holly Springs Writers Group, Enfield Book and Writers Exchange, Triangle Book & Writer Conference and more. Drew has authored several non-fiction books (many on book authoring and promotion) and several fiction books.

50+ Expert Contributors – successful authors, marketers, and publishers who helped to identify important topics, develop course materials, and reviewed course materials for correctness and usefulness.

Success Experiences – include marketing activities that achieved good results. The course focus is on practical solutions and implementation processes.

Typical Results – includes examples, case studies, key benchmarks, and proven achievements.

How-To Steps – lessons include instructions on how to do marketing projects and tasks. Some lessons have multiple guides ***

Continually Updated – the course is continually updated and expanded with new and updated book marketing options. 

If you have successful book marketing tips, process, or materials to share, email to