Book Pre-Launch Marketing Contact Lists

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Contact Lists

The development and promotion of books involves many types of contacts including editors, illustrators, reviewers, contributors, book buyers, and other types of people. Contact lists are one of the most important assets that an author or publisher can have for promoting, selling books, and engaging with fans.

Some contact lists require special sorting and management. You can have a mix of quick sortable contact lists (spreadsheets) and a master list of contacts (email service provider).

Contact Lists – have an organized list where you and people you authorize can find name, email, phone, and other information related to people who are involved in your book production and promotion. 

Types of Contacts – include development team members, contractors, media agents, reviewers, sample book recipients, and others.

List Access Permissions – providing certain people with the ability to find contacts in your list(s).

List Management – how and when to update information in the list.

Communication History – being able to find information related to a contact. It may be email, documents, or other types of content sharing.

Email Service Provider (ESP) – a service that manages contacts, can send email messages to groups or types of people, and can track opens and engagements with email messages.