Book Pre-Launch Marketing Campaigns

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Campaigns

Book Pre-Launch Marketing activities are groups of tasks (campaigns) and processes that are setup to manage the distribution of promotional messages and interact with desired audiences. 50+ Book Pre-Launch Marketing campaigns, their processes, and helpful tools are covered in this section.

Promotion Campaign List – Book Pre-Launch Marketing activities that have worked for authors and book promoters. Review the marketing list options to determine which may work well for you.

Marketing Procedures – step by step instructions on how to do marketing activities.

Campaign Management – how to assign, monitor, and update campaigns. Each campaign typically has a set of key activity tasks. Use a sample campaign task list to manage your campaigns.

Media Samples and Templates – sample call scripts and messages,media post templates, ready to edit images and videos, and other helpful resources.

Marketing Tools and Services – key types of Book Pre-Launch Marketing tools and services and lists (many free options).