Book Pre-Launch Marketing Acknowledgements and Reviews

Book Pre-Launch Marketing Acknowledgements and Reviews

Listing people in the book acknowledgement section to get credibility, book reviews, and motivate influencers to promote your book. 

Book Acknowledgement List – make a list of people who helped you with the creation of the book. They can be anyone including developers, reviewers, contributors, and people that inspired you. They do not have to know you to be included in your acknowledgement list.

Acknowledgement Book Text – include a company name if possible with the person’s name (example – Bob Smith with IBM). Alphabetically sort names in your acknowledgement text which can help to avoid people feeling prioritized or snubbed. You can group people into categories such as “Special thanks to people from cloud service provides including:”

Sample Book – send a copy with a thankful inscription with something you admire or respect about them. Insert a sticky note to the acknowledgement page with an arrow that points to their name in the book. Include a cover letter for the sample book thanking them.

Book Review Request – about 1 to 4 weeks after you send the sample book, send the people you acknowledged in the book a request to post a book review on Amazon and other review websites. Include a link to the book on the website to make it easy for them.