Book Pre-Launch Business Card

Book Pre-Launch Business Card

Create a book business card for a future book can provide a simple way to share information about your future book and to test key images and information with potential book buyers.

A book business card can include dominant book buying motivators (DBMs), value trigger words, and reference resources that motivates them to quickly take action. 

60 Second Book Introduction – giving potential readers a book business cards helps them to identify key interest areas and offers a highly valuable reason and way to followup and share their contact information with you.

Key Reader Benefits  – Include the top 3 dominant buying motivators (DBMs) that most of your top topics readers want on the front of the card. This helps to rapidly build interest with the right types of people.

Value Trigger Words – include keywords covered or related to your book that trigger interest value for your readers on the back of the card. The goal is for your candidate reader to discover something that interests them that triggers them to ask questions.

Followup Motivators – include an attraction resource, one on the front and another on the back. Provide a link to something that most of your audience would want to get – a guide, resource list, sample template, story, or something enticing.

Multiple Versions – you can create multiple versions of your book pre-launch card and use interaction feedback to determine what works best.