Book Pre-Launch Brochure Sales Sheet

Book Pre-Launch Brochure Sales Sheet

Creating a brochure sell sheet helps readers and distributors to discover, learn key values & details, and provide followup & contact information about a book.The book brochure can be shared, sent, or used as an ad.

Cover and Title – cover gets attention, the title helps to categorize and motivate reading.

Motivators List – the key things the reader gets from the book. This can include problems it solves or emotional experiences it provides.

Book Summary – a one paragraph summary of the book that identifies the problem it solves or story teaser along with motivational needs and interests and finishes with a readers benefit statement.

Audience – what are the top 3 to 5 types of audiences the book appeals to.

Outline – sections or chapter titles.

Details – identifying numbers (ISBNs), versions, size, formats, and other details for distribution, shipping, and ownership.

Contact Info – links, address, phone, and additional contact information.