Book Marketing Tip – Sell Direct on Amazon

Book Marketing Tip – Sell Direct on Amazon

Directly sell your books on Amazon (using a different seller name) so you can keep more money and ways to price and describe your books that motivate sales. You can sell your books on Amazon using a different name which can represent the types of books you sell. 

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Direct Selling Benefits – you get customer contact information, you can include other offers in package, and the discount fee Amazon takes is lower.

Seller Name – use different name – possibly using a name that represents the category or benefit of your book. Using a different name helps to avoid difficulty in pricing discounts you may offer to booksellers that may be less than your discounted Amazon direct selling price.

Listing Options – New & Used – condition of book. You may want to put a mark on your new books (commonly called a remainder mark) and sell them as used books. 

Book Offer Description – should include keywords that identify book value. Also include a limited quantity statement to motivate urgency. For example – “Have an Extra Copy” implies you have 1 extra copy. You may actually have 1,000 extra copies in your storage area.

Automatic Order Fulfillment Accounts – Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – a promotion and distribution program offered by Amazon that allows a seller to list a product on Amazon and for Amazon to stock, process orders, and automatically ship products that sell for a fee.