Book Marketing Tip: Marketing Tribes

Book Marketing Tip: Marketing Tribes

Book marketing tribes are groups of people who are willing to publish or engage with your media posts. Your tribe members can include friends, staff, vendors, advocates, and others. The type of tribe member determines what and how you can ask them to do for sharing and promoting information about your book. It is helpful to track requests that are sent (tracking spreadsheet template provided), use and update invite and reminder messages (sample scripts provided), and to limit the number of times you ask your tribe to help you.

Marketing Tribes – groups of people who like, share, and promote book information and media in return for rewards or other values.

Marketing Tribe Member List – make a list of friends, associates, and influencers who are likely to be willing to like, share, or publish media posts you request them to publish.

Sample Media Posts – create a ready to customize and publish posts. Organize them into types of posts (technical, business, etc) so you can find some that match your marketing tribe members profile type.

Request Messages – send up to 3 request messages with simple instructions on what and where to publish. Include a sample message or words you would like them to share or publish.

Post Tracking – use a tracking spreadsheet to identify the requests you send, date you sent first request, 2nd request, and final request, URL of the published post, and date it was published.

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