Book Buyer Journey Interviews

Book Buyer Journey Interviews

Book buyer journey interviews are the gathering of key interests, preferred media channels, and buying activities from potential customers. 

Topic and Media Discovery

Doing buyer journey interviews enables you to learn topic interests, key challenges, and pain points or desires for your qualified audience. You can also discover what media channels they look on (web search, groups, etc) for topic related information. This allows you to focus your marketing activities on media channels which your buyer’s trust and use.

Invite List

Create a list that can organize and track people you invite for buyer journey interviews. Define your types of people (qualified buyers). To start, you can interview some close friends you already know to become comfortable with the process and interactions. Next, invite and interview 5-10 qualified connections you already know (such as on Linkedin). Finally, find, invite and interview 10-20 new qualified people. You can search on linkedin for qualified candidates and post book interview invites on topic related discussion groups. 

Interview Questions

Start your buyer journey interviews with basic questions to learn the background (qualifications) and interests of the person. Ask open ended questions and take notes on key words and phrases they use. Avoid sharing details about product features or benefits to avoid biasing your interviewee. Make notes and identify keywords and phrases your buyer uses. It can be helpful to use these keywords and phrases in your future discussions and marketing materials.

Benefit List Review

After you have gotten their unbiased viewpoint, show them a list of key benefits and ask them to prioritize how important they are: 1 – not very important, 10 – extremely important. Ask them to provide some key reasons why these benefits are important. Ask if there are some other reasons or benefits they are looking for related to your product or service. Add these to your benefits list for use in other buyer journey interviews.

Interview Analysis

Review and compare your buyer journey benefit lists with ratings to determine the most important interests. The top 3 topics that have the highest ratings (interests) are your dominant buying motivators – DBMs. The top 10 to 15 topics are your value trigger words.