Episode 108 – This session covers how to create and use a book business card to explain, motivate, and help potential readers to buy or do something you want to do related to your book. The book business card includes key book buying motivators, has value trigger words, and includes a reference resource that motivates them to quickly take action. You can use your book business card to help you share your 60 second book commercial.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • How to Create a Book Business Card?
  • Key things to Include on Your Book Business Card?
  • What to Say When Giving your Book Business Card to People?
  • How to Identify your Dominant Buying Motivators – DBMs?
  • What are Value Trigger Works and Where to Use Them?
  • How References Resources can Motivate Buyer Actions?
  • Types of Reference Resources to Include on Your Book Business Card?